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Business Consulting and Services

Jorad & Company, located in Napa, California, provides business consulting services to small and medium-size businesses. Jorad was founded in 1984 by Don Turner, and has focused on helping people get the most out of their business endeavors both in the Napa Valley and across the country. The Team at Jorad & Company would be happy to meet with you to determine if, and to what extent, we can be of service to you.

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Our Professional Services

  • Account Receivable Financing

  • Asset Financing & Capital Acquisition
  • Bankruptcy Counseling

  • Business Consulting

  • Business Development

  • Creditor Negotiations

  • Legal & Contractual Services

  • Management Team Evaluation & Mentoring

  • Manager & Acquisition Services

  • Ownership & Management Transition 

  • Succession Planning, Tax Issue Resolution & Taxing Agency Negotiations

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Jorad helped us recover our business during the most difficult times. Don Turner was invaluable. Not only did he advise us, he pulled together the team of legal and accounting professionals that we needed. He was then the leader that strategized and managed them. Without him our business wouldn’t have survived and I would have lost my life savings. I can’t thank Jorad enough.

John Baldwin, Founder, Baldwin Press

I have known Don Turner for approximately 15 years and have done various lodging projects with him. I have found him not only to be very knowledgeable in the business and to produce strong results, but more importantly he has shown exceptional honesty and ethical conduct. He is one of the finest people I have ever done business with and his business sense has contributed greatly to the projects I have sought his help and advice on.

Howard Matthews, President & Founder, National Hotel / Motel Brokers

We began working with Jorad & Company in April of 2010 for business development and strategic planning. Don Turner has turned out to be an invaluable asset to Etched Images. Don’s budgeting and forecasting has proved to be a key part of our continued success and his tax planning has reduced our tax liability every year. Management evaluation and mentoring has improved productivity and created a team environment. It has also evolved into creating a succession plan that includes my wife and me and two key employees.

Another great service is Don’s payroll processing which has provided us with accurate and knowledgeable compliance. I highly recommend Don and his team for outstanding business advice and high ethics!

Stu McFarland, President & Co-Founder, Etched Images

I know my business inside and out, but I don’t have an MBA and I made some management mistakes that got me into serious trouble back in 1996. I faced the real prospect of losing my business, before I met Don Turner. Working through his company, Jorad, Don was able to keep me in business. Don took my business very personally; he showed me what needed to change and what I needed to focus on. Don negotiated payment plans and took the worry and stress off my back so that I could focus on doing my job. I have continued to work with Jorad, having them provide all of my accounting services, including payroll, which is great because they know my business and they are able to not only do the work and handle audits but they are also able to advise me. I think of Don as my “CEO/CFO for hire” and Don and I meet once a month or twice a week, as I feel necessary. If you are looking for help from someone who has integrity, is honest, knowledgeable and cares, then Don Turner is your man and Don Turner is Jorad.”

Daniel Ross, President, Ross Painting

If it were not for Don Turner and his staff at Jorad it would have been impossible to get through the financial crisis I found myself in a few years back. He continues to guide me through day-to-day operations, and into the future. He is an invaluable asset to Sweetie Pies and is money well spent.

Toni M. Chiappetta, Owner/Pastry Chef, Sweetie Pies Bakery

We have been clients of Don for more than 10 years.  He has a hands-on, common sense approach to small business management.  At times, we’ve called on Don to handle very complex business dealings and he has been an enormous help.  His years of small business ownership give him the ability to see the big picture and the small details.  He is friendly, easy to talk to and maintains a high level of confidentiality.

Greg Cole and Beth Fairbairn | Co-owners Cole’s Chop House and Celadon restaurants, Your Content Goes Here